Joining the lab

The Pedersen Lab is part of the Department of Biology at the Loyola Campus of Concordia University. Concordia is in Montreal, a diverse, exciting, and growing city in the heart of Canada. Graduate students and postdocs here have a wide range of opportunities, both within Concordia, and through the network of other ecologists in the other three universities in Montreal.

Current opportunities:

Graduate Students

The Pedersen Lab is actively expanding. I am looking for potential MSc or PhD students to start in the winter or fall of 2020 who are interested in the dynamics of spatially structured communities, ecosystem approaches to fisheries, and developing and testing statistical methods for assessing changing populations. Please contact me directly if you are interested ( with a brief statement of your research interests and your CV. I have some funding available, and I encourage eligible candidates to apply for funding opportunities through NSERC and FRQNT. The Department of Biology also has some fellowships available for strong applicants.

Key dates for graduate students:

  • Applications to start in the winter semester in the Department of Biology are due September 1st.
  • Applications to start in the fall semester are due February 1st.
  • NSERC PhD and MSc. scholarships are due October 17th.

Postdoctoral students:

I do not currently have any funded postdoctoral positions. However, please contact me if you are interested in working together on a funding application for one of the national or provincial grants.

Undergraduate students

We frequently hire undergraduate students to work on research projects in the summer. I encourage you to contact me throughout the year about possible research, and to keep track of research award opportunities posted on the Department of Biology website.